Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

As Katılım Finans, we look after the protection of privacy and personal data of anyone who visits our website We use cookies to provide a better user experience to our visitors and process their personal data. This Cookie Policy explains to our visitors and users which kinds of cookies are used under which conditions.

This Policy is applied regardless of the technologies, methods, and ways you use to connect to the Website. And we suggest you carefully read this Policy and take a copy of it for further examination.

What are cookies and their purpose of use?

Cookies are small data storage files saved by websites on your computer, mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices. These files keep the information on your Internet history. This way, the devices on which you access the Internet will remember your data when you visit the Website again. This makes cookies necessary and important for you to use the Website effectively and easily. Cookies are also used on the Website and websites of third parties for us to provide you with more suitable services, products, or offers.

Main purposes of cookies;

  • Certain technical data is required for more effective use of the Website,
  • The Company needs to collect information on your Website scanning and user preferences and habits,
  • The Company needs your personal data such as your IP address in order to fulfil its legal and contractual obligations especially those arising from the Law on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and the Combating Crimes by Means of Such Publications, and the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Regulation of Publications on the Internet no. 5651,

What kind of data is processed with cookies?

Cookies usually collect data regarding your browsing and user preferences on the device you access the Website, depending on their types. This data contains all information on the pages you visit, services, and products you view, and the browsing you make on the Website.

What types of cookies do we use, and in what ways?

We use different types of cookies on the Website. These are cookies that are mandatory to use to ensure the operation of the Website, functional cookies, analysis/performance cookies, and targeting/advertising cookies.

Cookie types in terms of use:

Mandatory Cookies: These cookies are required to ensure the proper operation of the Website. These cookies are needed to manage the system and prevent fraudulent transactions, and the Website will not operate if they are blocked.

Functional Cookies: These cookies are used to provide you with a more advanced and easier Internet experience. They remember your previous preferences on the Website and allow you to access certain content on the Website more easily, for example. You can prevent the use of these cookies as detailed below.

Analysis/Performance Cookies: These cookies allow us to analyse the functioning of the Website and develop it through our interactions with you. You can prevent the use of these cookies as detailed below.

Targeting/Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to detect and present to you contents that might interest you, including ads. You can prevent the use of these cookies as detailed below. Blocking these cookies will not completely remove the ad content; we will show you ads with general content instead of ads that may be of interest to you.