20th Anniversary Of TKBB And The Future

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of establishment of the Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB), which started its activities in 2001 as the umbrella authority of the participation finance sector.

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20th Anniversary Of TKBB And The Future

TKBB, which has contributed significantly to the sustainable growth of the participation finance model with its works carried out to date, continues its efforts to make the sector offer world-class financial products and services.

In order for participation finance to become further stronger in our country and reach the point it deserves, we have set six primary strategic goals for the future, namely communication, ecosystem, product diversity, standards & governance, digital and competency building, in line with the meetings held with member participation finance institutions and sector stakeholders under the coordination of the Association.

It is inevitable that our industry, which has proven its resilience many times over in all kinds of challenging market conditions and conjunctures of the last period, and which is a reliable port and business partner for its customers, will carry its market presence and claim to the future with the works we will put forward within the scope of these strategies. In today's world, a business understanding that is shifting from a growth and profitability-oriented approach to a stakeholder-oriented and value production is gradually adopted, our sector's most significant driving force that channels its assets to create value for the entire society and economy will undoubtedly be the investment in technology.

According to the data reflected in the Islamic fintech reports, the investments we will make in Islamic financial technologies in the fields of payment systems, digital wallet, artificial intelligence, robo-advising, blockchain, crowdfunding, open banking, wealth management, fundraising and alternative financing methods will make it easier for us to reach our 2025 growth target of 15%.

General Manager of Vakıf Katılım İkram Göktaş

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