AN Innovative Alternative In Sustainability: Participation Finance

Even though digitalization and global dynamics lead to rapid change, the new age is taking shape within environmental sustainability and value-oriented structures beyond profitability and growth figures.

MAGAZINE 29.11.2021, 11:17
AN Innovative Alternative In Sustainability: Participation Finance

The pandemic has encouraged the United Nations (UN) to set sustainable development goals - financial, social, and environmental in particular - to be achieved by 2030 and to develop action plans around these goals.

The participation finance system, which is essentially production and sharing the income from production, is of great importance in terms of human-oriented financial approaches that are prioritized not only by the Islamic geography but also by the whole world. At a time when only profit-oriented business models lost momentum, the participation finance system reinforces its position as a sustainable and innovative alternative within current economies as a result of its unique structure. As participation banks, we must act knowing that sustainable finance models have a transformative effect not only for the financial industry but also for all social and economic structures. Today, where the world is investing in renewable energy resources, we, as Türkiye Finans, are diversifying our financing models in this field and building our vision of a human-oriented product and service on a sustainable future and easy access to financial instruments.

General Manager of Türkiye Finans Murat Akşam

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