Career And Talent Management Applications

MAGAZINE 16.06.2022, 11:11
Career And Talent Management Applications

Employees' satisfaction in banks largely depends on personnel rights, career opportunities offered in the institution and practices carried out within talentmanagement. For this reason, in today's circumstanc- es, in order not to descend in the competition and keep the employees after the recruitment process, they should be followed regularly within the scope of their competencies, knowledge and skills. At the same time, various opportunities should be offered to them in terms of their development. Measuring the performance of employees in the organisation of banks, identifying and eliminating their knowledge and deficiencies, and increasing productivity is also essential in career and talent management practices.

Undergraduate and graduate students are also provided with the opportunity to work part-time until they grad- uate as part of the Young Albaraka Project. Employ- ees who have the potential to become managers are identified through talent management practices, and their development is planned. With the identification of critical roles, the continuity of the workflow can be ensured within the scope of organisational backup. In addition, mentoring practices and the transfer of knowledge and experience to new employees are car- ried out within the range of other career practices. With the “Career Desk” platform in all promotion processes, employees can constantly monitor the training/cer- tificates they have received or should receive during their career, performance scores, and benefit from development opportunities. Promotion evaluations are made every month with transparent information sharing in career studies and personal promotion va- lidity dates. In this way, career studies at Albaraka Türk continue to contribute to achieving the institution's qualified personnel goals and employee satisfaction with the updates made in specific periods in line with today's conditions.

Training and Career Director at Albaraka Türk Süleyman Yigital

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