Digital Strategy For The New Age

MAGAZINE 01.02.2022, 13:18 03.02.2022, 11:17
Digital Strategy For  The  New Age

As Albaraka Türk, we are working on new models that will provide added value to our customers and business processes while adapting the technology at the maximum level. The focus of our digital strategy is to provide our customers with better services that are cheaper and faster. We want our customers to know that wherever they are in the digital world and ecosystem, their bank is there for all the products and services they need, not only in terms of financial services but also in terms of access to the product.

When we look at the fields of digital strategy in line with the new age, we see that there are four essential dimensions. First, we carry out improvements to constantly be in contact with our customers. We aim to be accessible to our customers 24/7, primarily through mobile banking and other distribution channels, provide high-level protection with cyber security tools, and offer banking services integrated into the digital ecosystem with advanced data analytics tools. Secondly, we implement projects such as mobile video customer service, Robotic Process Operation (RPA) etc., to ensure maximum automation in customer experience and business processes. Thirdly, we constantly train our innovation strength to develop new business models. In this context, we have implemented many applications such as Albaraka Garage, Insha, Alneo and Semosis. In addition, we invest in fintech startup companies that expanded within our entrepreneurial acceleration centre Albaraka Garaj, through the entrepreneurial investment fund we have established and follow their developments. We believe that data quality will determine the financial structure of institutions in the future.

Strategic Planning and Economic Research Department Manager of Albaraka Türk - Dr. Ömer Emeç

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