Digitalisation Strategies In Participation Banks

MAGAZINE 01.02.2022, 13:20 03.02.2022, 11:15
Digitalisation Strategies In Participation Banks

Developments in information technologies, innovations and globalising markets have affected all sectors, as well as the banking sector, and thus, participation banking. Digitalisation moves our industry from the traditional branch-based product and channel structure to new business models. While it increases our product range, it also obliges us to design these products to present them to our customers through our digital channels. We see this situation as an opportunity to permit participation banking, which is still very young and initiated digitally in our country, to increase its share in the banking sector.
As Emlak Participation, at the centre of our digital strat- egy, we implement a sustainable digital transformation program that we have constructed within this scope, with a corporate approach that will quickly meet our customers and their financial requirements any time and anywhere, following the principles of participation banking. We aim to further diversify access to remote banking services with the more widespread use of biometric elements in identity verification.

We will use extensive data and analytical tools to better analyse customer needs, and we will further deepen our customer interaction by combining customer expectations with targeted products/services. We will be offering many unique services to our customers to develop open banking applications by forming new fintech collaborations.

Emlak Katılım Deputy General Manager Yusuf Okur

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