Each Opinion Is Precious And Should Be Considered In Right Way

MAGAZINE 07.04.2022, 14:47
Each Opinion Is Precious And Should Be Considered In Right Way

As Albaraka Türk, we carry out our activities in the field of entrepreneurship under four main headings. Under the roof of Albaraka Garaj Startup Acceleration Center, we provide grants of up to 50 thousand TL to technology-based startups in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, a vast mentor network, free working opportunities in our private offices, POC work, the opportunity to use Albaraka's banking product and service APIs, customers and suppliers. We also support benefiting from our network, consultancy in intellectual property, legal and financial matters and expanding abroad.

While supporting initiatives with Albaraka Garaj, we also aimed to contribute significantly to our own corporate culture and digitalization journey. At this point, while we are nourishing our digitalization and innovation journey with Garaj, we have implemented our in-house entrepreneurship program, Discover, with the idea that our employees, who are our greatest value, can also be potential entrepreneurs. Our open innovation platform BigBang with the mentality of 'Every idea is valuable, it should be evaluated correctly!' In addition, we are working with Insha Ventures, which started to operate as TÜRKİYE's first fintech venture founder, to come up with new fintech ideas from within the bank and turn it into a venture. We also invest in start-ups with the funds established within Albaraka Portfolio Management A.Ş, another Albaraka Türk subsidiary. In this context, we invested a total of 39 million TL in 23 new ventures in 2021, apart from our ongoing investments.

Mustafa Çetin

Deputy General Manager Albaraka Türk

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