Great Potential in The Field Of Entrepreneurship

MAGAZINE 06.04.2022, 14:12
Great Potential in The Field Of Entrepreneurship

The expansion of the internet infrastructure and the rapid rise of technology in our country, as in the rest of the world, led to further developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Many changes, such as the shift of the service sector online, the increasing importance of speed and personalisation factors in this sector, and the fact that the value-added factor took precedence over the price factor, enabled the transformation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in TÜRKİYE and the increase of ventures called start-ups.

We can easily say that our country, which is very dynamic and open to innovations, has great potential in entrepreneurship with its young population. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Report of Start-up Genome, TÜRKİYE's entrepreneurship ecosystem ranks 16th among the top 100 emerging ecosystems in 2020. The fact that the entrepreneurship ecosystem, which significantly affects the social and economic environment, is now more supported by our state's policies will ensure that national initiatives powered by technology and dynamism and that can make a sound on a global scale will increase even more. Entrepreneurship ecosystems, which are an essential component in producing a more resilient and value-oriented economy to crises, pursue a goal that is entirely compatible with the basic working principles of participation banking. It is now one of our primary responsibilities to pave the way for all start-ups and entrepreneurs who are willing to help the development of the local ecosystem, nurture this culture, and develop the start-up ecosystem and economy.

Of course, it is comforting to see that participation finance players have increased their fintech collaborations, especially in financial technologies, in recent years. Establishing incubation centres and accelerator programs to ensure the growth of fintech startups and the implementation of venture funds to finance university collaborations and fintechs are crucial steps. At this point, we stand by our entrepreneurs in many fields, from education to mentoring, from consultancy to financial investment. With the awareness that the support we will offer to the entrepreneurship ecosystem is one of the most important examples of labour-capital partnership, I sincerely believe that we will increase the steps in this direction in the coming period. We should not forget that the contribution we will make will not only make dreams come true, but also provide direct added value for our country to achieve a sustainable financial system.

Osman Çelik

TKBB Chairman of the Board of Directors

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