New Financing Partnerships Continue To Happen

MAGAZINE 07.04.2022, 15:03
New Financing Partnerships Continue To Happen

It aims to expand the companies' current activities or institutionalise small-scale entrepreneurs by becoming a shareholder in the companies' activities and capital in the financing partnership transactions that the legislation entitles to Participation Banking. In this way, it is ensured that the companies reach the target of having sustainable profitability and quality product/service production in line with today's competitive conditions.

Since its establishment, our bank has been providing entrepreneurs with the financial and managerial support they need through financing partnerships, in addition to conventional financing methods such as murabaha, financial leasing, etc.

Our bank's first financing partnership is FZK Engineering, which is the leading company in the sector such as Aselsan, TAI, Roketsan, Togg, Baykar Defense, Anadolu Isuzu, Euroterm in defence, aviation, automotive and rail systems, together with the production of fixtures and molds, as well as project-based series product or prototype product is produced. In addition to these, 2 funds were established to support entrepreneurs together with the Development and Investment Bank of TÜRKİYE, and resources are provided to potential entrepreneurs through these funds.

Our bank, which has the startegy to construct partnerships with companies that reduce imports, increase exports, provide additional employment and produce import substitutes for products that are not produced domestically, continue to make new financing partnerships every year following the said strategy.

Emre Birgen 

Head of Project Finance and Financial Partnerships Department at Ziraat Katılım

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