Opportunity In The Growth Of Participation Banking: Entrepreneurship

MAGAZINE 07.04.2022, 14:57
Opportunity In The Growth Of Participation Banking: Entrepreneurship

Artificial intelligence, internet of things, 5G, quantum computers, Web 3.0, blockchain, cloud technology, big data, cyber security, augmented reality, virtual reality, NFT, Metaverse…

And so much more…

These developments in technology have transformed the way of doing business much faster than we thought, and they continue to do so. One of the areas affected by this transformation is undoubtedly the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Today, it is possible to say that the share of big technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, known by the abbreviation "GAFAM", which is one of the examples of successful entrepreneurship that integrates innovations in the field of technology into business practices and reads the requirements of the age well, in the national economy is undeniable. Based on these examples, in the global competitive environment we need to act with the awareness of the contribution of entrepreneurship to the economic growth and development of countries. As participation banks, I think that being proactively involved in this ecosystem and supporting innovative initiatives that will shape our digital world from the idea stage to the last step is an opportunity for contributing to our country's economy and achieving the growth target of participation banking.

In this context, as Emlak Participation Bank, we support the startups that will shape the future in real estate, construction, sustainable environmental technologies and financial technologies and have the potential to grow and open to global markets by investing at an early stage, as well as providing consultancy and networking opportunities to guide them in their entrepreneurial journeys. We are launching a program and aiming to contribute to the growth of this ecosystem.

İsmet Erdem

Emlak Katılım Project Finance and Product Management Director

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