Participation Finance System Is The Key To The Future

We have reached the 20th anniversary of TKBB's establishment, which is one of the important milestones of Turkey's participation banking adventure.

MAGAZINE 29.11.2021, 11:32
Participation Finance System Is The Key To The Future

TKBB, which closely monitors the banking needs of the participation finance sector and strives to produce solutions, continues its activities to increase awareness of participation banking and interest-free finance. In addition, it continues to contribute to strengthening Turkey's position in international financial markets with the cooperation of the public and private sector, universities as well as non-governmental organizations.

We believe that the key to the future and the cure for economies is the participation finance system. One of the most important consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic that we have experienced in the last two years is the need for a global sharing and sustainable ecosystem. Participation finance system is the best alternative in this sense. Labour and capital come together and promise humanity fair sharing and equality of opportunity. Participation finance institutions perform a strategic task in this sense. As members of the TKBB, we are aware of this historical responsibility, and we continue our efforts to bring the participation finance system to the position it deserves in Turkey. We strongly believe that our Association will undertake works that will expand and strengthen Turkey's interest-free finance ecosystem in national and international platforms in line with the targets set for 2025.

On this occasion, I congratulate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the TKBB and hope that it will serve our industry for many more years.

General Manager of Ziraat Katılım Metin Özdemir

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