Reaching The Level Of Invisible Banking

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Reaching The Level Of Invisible Banking

We have successfully demonstrated our pledge to be the first bank to adapt to all developments that change banking rules and the remote customer acquisition process. Thanks to our investments in digitalization and our innovative approach, we achieved sustainable growth in this new period as well. While doing this, we never left the human focus and became an exemplary institution. In the new period, we are creating business models where our customers can become remote customers through our bank's digital channels and through fintechs and mobile platforms with which we cooperate. In short, we want to offer our customers a perfect banking experience in the flow of life wherever there is commerce because we know that this approach will bring us to the level of "Invisible Banking", which is defined as the banking of the future.

The most recent example of this is our product called "eXtra Limit", which is the first in the banking industry. With this product, consumers can become our customers through our digital channels or contracted company applications within minutes without going to our bank branches. They can shop online or in stores with a QR Code, with the financing limit defined for their virtual cards.

At the beginning of last year, we added stock and mutual fund buying and selling transactions to our other product, TFXTARGET. Furthermore, since it was not completely satisfactory, we enabled exchange-traded fund transactions to be carried out on the platform in a short time. With this update, the shares of giant companies traded in the US and European stock exchanges have become easy to buy and sell through our TFXTARGET platform.. At the same time, we cooperated with the crucial brands of our country and established "Fast Financing and Payment Points". With this business model developed with an open banking infrastructure, we offer banking products and services to our customers in a fast, secure and easy experience without creating an additional process in their daily lives.

Retail Banking Executive Vice President at Türkiye Finans - M. Necati Özdeniz

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