The Participation Finance Sector Offers Advantages To Exporters

MAGAZINE 23.09.2021, 16:55
The Participation Finance Sector Offers Advantages To Exporters

The strategies adopted by Turkey since the early 2000s have played a significant role in the increase in our exports in recent years. With the market diversification efforts in this regard, it is possible to say that exporters have added new locations to their existing portfolios. A high value-added production approach bolstered by R&D investments and innovation has set Turkey apart from the competition in technology-intensive industries.

The KGF guarantee support in the participation finance system contributes significantly to the access of our exporting companies to finance. It also encourages them to increase their capacities by positively affecting their employment generation and providing guarantees.

As participation finance institutions design projects through Eximbank, which opens financing windows with affordable costs and exporter associations that support exporting companies, the participation finance institutions offer cost-reducing and competitive advantages to exporting companies.

Participation finance system gains new exporter customers thanks to expanding correspondent bank agreements. This expansion strategy also allows the sector to deepen in foreign trade companies that are already customers.

Proactively planning the marketing activities of the institutions that make up the participation finance system, coordinating the processes by taking a position similar to an exporting company, giving priority and convenience to exporters for the financing of foreign trade, shortening transaction times by investing in banking systems, and Standing firm in employing qualified labour force will enable them to provide more effective services to their exporting customers.

Bülent TABAN

Executive Vice President of Vakıf Katılım 

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