We Focus On Designing The Best Employee Experience

MAGAZINE 16.06.2022, 11:21
We Focus On Designing The Best Employee Experience

As Kuveyt Türk, we have believed that customer satis- faction is a natural result of employee satisfaction for 33 years since the day we were founded. We shape our human resources policies in line with this understanding. We develop unique practices to create an environment where our employees express their ideas freely, are included in decision systems and feel confident while working.

We attach great importance to each of our employees' development and career goals and focus on designing the best employee experience and journey for them. We haveimplemented many human resources practices, such as the Spacious Working Model, the Development Kitchen, and the Employee First Assembly, which are implemented under the umbrella of the employer brand "Thankful". For example, with the Development Kitchen project, we are breaking new ground in the finance sector, enabling employees to deepen their current jobs and prepare them well for the future. They can experience applications such as rotation between departments, temporary assignments, and on-the-job training.

The Dual Career Structure, free from the pressures of title and promotion, allows our employees to focus on their development journeys and draw different career routes. We continue to train future managers with our award-win- ning Management Trainee, Tech Talent and D3 Programs.

Thanks to the unique workplace culture we have created, we have been on the list of Turkey's Best Employers for the last five years by the Great Place to Work Institute Turkey, one of the most respected organizations in hu- man resources. Last year, we came first in Europe's Best Employer. We will continue to exhibit approaches that focus on our employees' satisfaction and development and develop unique practices.

Human Resources and Training Group Manager at Kuveyt Türk Semih Sel

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