WE Invest For Turkey's Future

Our country occupies an important position globally with its values as well as richness in human and natural resources.

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WE Invest For Turkey's Future

Despite the general negative picture that occurred in the world in 2021 after completing the year 2020 with the pandemic crisis, our country was the least affected by the pandemic-induced economic crisis. We feel the difference and privilege of the Participation Finance system and the trust factor it provides to companies more deeply in periods when the economies are fragile, and the effects of the global crisis environments are felt at a high level.

As Emlak Participation, a bank with a rooted history of nearly a century, we continue our efforts to increase the market share of participation banking in the financial sector while serving our customers with innovative products. Together with all participation banks, we are investing in the future of Turkey. We see the development of Participation Banking as an essential supporting factor for the welfare of our country, for the real sector to have a sustainable financial structure, and for an increase in employment. It has been 20 years since the establishment of the Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB), and we believe that the TKBB will significantly contribute to the institutionalisation and reputation of participation banking in our country, as well as guide the development of participation banking with diligence that is sustainableand in line with its existential goals.

With the completion of the Istanbul Financial Center (IFC), we believe that Istanbul will also become an important centre of the Islamic finance system. Bringing the continents together, Istanbul is among the prominent centres of the world with its rich historical and cultural texture, as well as its economic and commercial volume. Therefore, we expect that IFC will be positioned as a centre where the necessary platform for Islamic finance is offered. Within this process, the duty and responsibility of the Participation Banks Association of Turkey will reach a more important dimension.

 General Manager of Emlak Katılım Nevzat Bayraktar

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