We Strongly Support Foreing Trade

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We Strongly  Support Foreing Trade

Our country can reach its sustainable growth targets and maintain its competitive power in foreign trade to produce goods with high added value and exporting these goods to world markets. At this point, supporting both our largescale enterprises and our SMEs, which make up 99.8% of our enterprises in our country, providing consultancy services in foreign trade and quality service with our strong correspondent network along with easy access to finance, constitute one of the main focal points of our bank, from the perspective of supporting the real economy. In this context, as Albaraka Türk Participation Bank, we support our foreign trade businesses with convenient financing opportunities, foreign trade packages that provide cost advantages, extensive correspondent infrastructure and consultancy services, and hence contribute to the development of the country's economy. While providing businesses with the import, export, brokerage and financing goods they need, we also support our exporters and manufacturers producing goods for export with the Participation Banks Pre-Shipment Export Credit program funded by Türk Eximbank. Moreover, we offer our products and services at affordable prices to give our businesses a competitive advantage. We continue to support our businesses that want to expand their business in foreign trade with Albaraka Türk's assurance and quality, with our wide product range from letters of credit to goods, from deferred export financing to Eximbank pre-shipment export credit, from foreign Murabaha funds to foreign letters of guarantee. In addition, with our Hello Foreign Trade support line, we provide live support to our customers who want to receive consultancy services from the experienced staff of Albaraka Türk for their international commercial transactions, on complex issues such as a letter of credit transactions, external guarantees, foreign exchange legislation and other payments. Furthermore, our foreign trade experts working in our branches and regions with high potential provide direct expertise to both our branches and our customers. With our Foreign Trade Service packages, we help our customers to save on transaction expenses while allowing them to carry out their foreign trade transactions at a lower cost with the discounts we make on the expenses and commissions of our packages valid throughout the year. As Albaraka Türk, we will continue to strongly support our foreign trade businesses and offer solutions that will enable our foreign trade companies to access quality brokerage services and cost-effective financing opportunities.

Mehmet Fatih Yorulmaz

Deputy General Manager of Albaraka Turk Participation Bank

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