We Support Innovative Ideas With Lonca

MAGAZINE 07.04.2022, 14:59
We Support Innovative Ideas With Lonca

As Kuveyt Türk, we continue to increase our efforts and contributions to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, while effectively bringing participation finance products and services to savers. The continuation of the strong relationship between participation finance and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country is one of our most important agenda items. We carry out many studies in terms of both financing needs and realizing innovative ideas for the future to develop both participation finance and entrepreneurship ecosystem in parallel with each other.

In this direction, we continue to support innovative ideas with the Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which we established in 2017 as one of our country's leading participation finance institutions. Here, we evaluate the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs and support those deemed appropriate in grants, mentorship, and multi-location incubation service within the program's scope. In addition to the Lonca, we continue our support through the Lonca Venture Capital Investment Fund (GSYF). In addition to mentoring, training and consultancy support at Lonca, we support entrepreneurs in many areas from law to accounting, from marketing to product development. In addition, we provide many privileges to entrepreneurs, such as using API infrastructure and joint project development when necessary.

Dr. Selman Ortaköy

Kuveyt Türk Strategy and Innovation Group Manager and Lonca Management Committee Member

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