We Try To Offer New And Different Career Opportunities

MAGAZINE 16.06.2022, 11:15
We Try To Offer New And Different Career Opportunities

As Emlak Participation Bank, which started its operations again in 2019 as the youngest and most innovative Partic- ipation Bank in our country, we offer career opportunities to both our experienced employees in the field of banking and finance and our young graduates, with the strength we derive from a deep-rooted 95-year history. In this context, we try to offer new and different career opportunities by supporting all our employees in their career journeys and supporting them with trainings according to their competencies.

We support our employees' personal development, gaining technical competencies, and being ready for different career development tasks with relevant training and pro-grams. In order to be ready for career opportunities in our bank, we offer training and development programs under the titles of Sales School, Operations School, ExecutiveDevelopment School, Leadership School, Career Beginning Trainings, Corporate Performance Trainings, Competency Development Trainings. We have made many trainings available 24/7 with "e-academy" and "e-mobile" infra- structures. In addition, with the Udemy and Pluralsight platforms, we offer the opportunity to quickly and effec- tively increase our employees' technical knowledge and equipment in the field of Information Technologies quickly and effectively. Depending on the new developments in Information Technologies on a global scale, we differen- tiate the career management processes of our employees in this field and reconstruct them with methods that will respond to today's needs more effectively.

Although we are a bank that has just completed its third year, we are happy to contribute to the advancement of our employees on their career paths by making half of our branch manager appointments from our employees. We will continue to be the strongest supporters of our employees in their career paths by choosing all branch managers among our employees in our new branches.

Emlak Participation Human Resources and Strategy Assistant General Manager -Uğur Kara

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