Albaraka Garaj Welcomes Entrepreneurs for the 5th Season

Regional Economy 07.05.2021, 17:38
Albaraka Garaj Welcomes Entrepreneurs for the 5th Season

Applications for the fifth season of "Albaraka Garaj", initiated by Albaraka Turk and supporting innovative products and services of entrepreneurs, have begun. Entrepreneurs in need of support and able to meet with Albaraka on common grounds will be qualified to make online applications between April 15 - May 30.

Entrepreneurs are provided with many opportunities

Supporting startups and contributing significantly to its corporate culture and digitalization journey with Albaraka Garaj, Albaraka Turk has hosted 85 startups at Albaraka Garaj since 2017. In the Albaraka Garaj, where startups having a ready product and team and suitable for the areas determined by Albaraka will be selected, great advantages are provided such as grants of up to TRY 50 thousand, opportunity to benefit from three common working areas, two in Istanbul and one in Berlin, training, mentoring service, as well as the opportunity of conducting POC works with Albaraka, business development activities with different units of Albaraka, free access to Albaraka APIs. In addition to all these advantages, there is the opportunity to receive investment from Albaraka APY Ventures, as well as supports such as completely free or discounted cloud, virtual office, CRM platform provided by Albaraka's strategic business partners for Albaraka Garaj startups.

"We are awaiting all entrepreneurs with whom we will meet on a common ground"

Stating that they have supported 85 startups with Albaraka Garaj so far, Melikşah Utku, General Manager of Albaraka Turk, said, "We are very excited about Albaraka Garaj, of which we have started the fifth season this year. Last year, with the pandemic, we performed the fourth season completely online, and we have gained a lot of experience in this regard. Once again this year, we are awaiting applications from all entrepreneurs wanting to join us online and add value to their startups. As Albaraka Turk, we will continue to stand by all entrepreneurs who need support and with whom we can meet on a common ground this year, as we do every year. May the fifth season, for which we will receive applications until May 31, be beneficial for all our entrepreneurs".

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