Emlak Katılım Bank Developed New Financing Models for Urban Transformation

Regional Economy 12.03.2021, 23:55 16.03.2021, 09:24
Emlak Katılım Bank Developed New Financing Models for Urban Transformation

Emlak Katılım introduced the payment platform CepPOS for the service of its customers to facilitate the collections of workplaces and offer more practical payment methods.

According to the statement of Emlak Katılım, users can make collections with their bank and credit cards on their smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. Emlak Katılım clients can download and start using the CepPos application right away without the need to go to the branch.

"The aim is to make payments in advance or instalments easily with credit or bank cards"

The potential target group of CepPOS is the SME clients, food manufacturers with small business taxation, white goods services, workplaces that make sales, service, and product delivery at the customer address such as wholesalers and make on-site collections, and small business owners who want to avoid the troubles of mobile POS machines. With the new application, Emlak Katılım aims to help customers receive payments in advance or in instalments easily with their credit or bank cards.

"We want to make life easier for our customers"

Nevzat Bayraktar, General Manager at Emlak Katılım, said that the CepPOS application will provide many great opportunities to its users and added, "We produce innovative solutions to our individual and corporate customers with a focus on digitalisation. We aim to make life easier for our customers with our products and services. This was our goal with the CepPOS product. Our customers will be able to quickly make their collections on all credit and bank cards and monitor their financial status."

The Advantages of CepPOS

You will be able to use Emlak Katılım CepPOS for the credit cards of all banks. CepPOS offers the opportunity to make sales in instalments with competitive commission rates to all credit cards of national banks that have the instalment option and secure payment service with its "3D Secure" option, all in a single application.

Our customers will not encounter costs such as turnover fee, subscription fee, installation fee, rent, deposit, insurance and will be free from technical issues such as running out of paper that we see in physical POS machines or any other device errors. The employees of member workplaces will be added to the application to turn their smartphones into collection devices. CepPOS offers the opportunity to make collections free from the restrictions of time and space; you only need to enter your credit card information or send SMS, e-mail, or QR code.


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