Kuveyt Turk Was Chosen as The Best Employer of Turkey for the Fourth Time

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Kuveyt Turk Was Chosen as The Best Employer of Turkey for the Fourth Time

Kuveyt Turk managed to become the "Best Employer of Turkey" for the fourth time in a row, ranking first in the "5000+ Employees" category. A 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Turk, the technology company Architecht has entered the best employers list for the second time in the "100-250 Employees" category. 

Conducting its human resources processes with the principle of "People First-Employees First" and implementing many original human resources applications such as Development Kitchen, Development Basket, Fortunately (İyi ki) Employer Brand, and Employees First (Önce Çalışan) Committee, Kuveyt Turk was chosen as the "Best Employer of Turkey" for the fourth time in a row, ranking first in the "5000+ Employees" category in the Best Employers of Turkey 2021, which was held by the Great Place to Work Institute in the field of human resources. A 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Turk, the technology company Architecht has entered the best employers list for the second time in the "50-250 Employees" category. Kuveyt Turk continues to develop human resources applications that enable its 6 thousand employees to say "Fortunately, I am a member of the Kuveyt Turk family" during the pandemic process, and to offer its employees a happy and peaceful work environment.

 "We place importance on a work culture in which people appreciate each other"

Aslan Demir, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Kuveyt Turk's HR, Strategy and Digital Transformation Departments, said, "We find it valuable for our employees to have a workplace environment where they say "Fortunately I am a member of Kuveyt Turk family, fortunately, I am here" for 32 years since the day we were founded. We prepare environments where our colleagues can express themselves freely, and we offer opportunities to them to continuously improve themselves throughout their careers. Last year, our first company that entered the Best Employers in Europe list from GPTW has been on the GPTW's Best Employers list for the last four years, thanks to our workplace culture of employees who act with team spirit and appreciate each other. We are pleased that our subsidiary Architecht technology company has also been chosen as the best employer for the last two years.  "We will continue to adopt approaches that focus on the satisfaction and development of our employees and to develop original applications for their happiness".

Guides the employees to prepare for the future

Kuveyt Turk attracts attention with its new-generation human resources applications that increase employee satisfaction and enable it to win awards. At the beginning of this year, Kuveyt Turk launched the new career model Development Kitchen project in which titles are removed, employees write career descriptions themselves, and gain experience in different fields, preparing employees for the competencies of the future. On one hand, Development Kitchen enables employees to deepen in their current jobs and prepare for the future in a well-equipped manner, and on the other hand, Development Basket offers employees the opportunity to gain experience in different areas by collecting and scoring practices such as rotations between departments, temporary assignments based on experience, and on-the-job training. Being far from the pressure of titles and promotion, the Dual Career Structure allows employees to form different career routes by focusing on their own development journeys. Provided that the desired conditions are met in seniority and performance, employees are offered a different career path with online training, certificates, rotations, and graduate processes determined according to the requirements of the job. Employees with sufficient performance and seniority also benefit from an additional wage increase according to their levels and jobs.

Employee satisfaction increases every year

In terms of fringe benefits, Kuveyt Turk offers different solutions to different needs of its employees with its flexible fringe benefits application, Sepetim (My Cart), which is a first in the industry and has entered its 5th term this year. Having received an excellence award from Brandon Hall Group and an award from the Stevie Awards, the application Sepetim enables employees to choose the way of saving such as BES (Private Pension System) with the budgets they stretch from their fringe benefits or to evaluate their budgets in need areas such as travel and education.  In the in-house surveys, the rate of employees who are satisfied and very satisfied with the application Sepetim has increased to 87%.

Uninterrupted communication via the mobile application "İyi ki"

An interactive platform where employees can communicate with each other and been awarded the Stevie Awards in internal communication applications, the mobile application "İyi ki" of Kuveyt Turk also attracts great interest among employees.  Congratulations, celebrations, announcements, and videos are shared on this platform. In this way, a post shared from a branch anywhere in Turkey reaches the head office and all other branches instantly. The mobile application "İyi ki" also undertakes important tasks in terms of ensuring uninterrupted communication with employees during the pandemic process. 

Continuing training with the award-winning Banking School

Training for employees at the Kuveyt Turk Banking School, which is a breakthrough in its industry and was launched by Kuveyt Turk in 2017, continues at full speed during the pandemic process. In addition to professional and competency development training, employees are provided with training in many fields such as the Data Analyst Training Program, Data Scientist Training Program, and Digital Competence Development Program. In recognition of its successful efforts, Kuveyt Turk Banking School, where learning turns into value, was deemed worthy of 10 awards, 4 of which are gold, and 3 awards from Tegep at the Excellence Awards organized by Brandon Hall Group, one of the most prestigious consultancy companies in the world.

Önce Çalışan Committee acts as the voice of employees reaching the management

Consisting of employees from different organizations, functions, titles, and seniorities, Önce Çalışan Committee also acts as the voice of the employees reaching the management. Kuveyt Turk also supports the interests of its employees through human resources applications such as Hasbihal (Chatting) Meetings, Career Meetings, Employee Satisfaction Line, My Friend HR, Whistleblowing Line, Ethical Notification Line, and organizations such as Book Club, Travel Club, and Basketball Club.

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