New Models from Emlak Katılım That Support Real Estate Sector

Regional Economy 17.05.2021, 17:19
New Models from Emlak Katılım That Support Real Estate Sector

"Housing Finance Together" application of Emlak Katılım appears as a housing finance product designed for consumers who want to own a house for investment purposes or who do not have the opportunity to buy a house alone.

Emlak Katılım customers can buy a house with a joint title by using the new housing finance separately at the rate of the title deed share they demand, and they can make the financing payments in proportion to the title deed share and become a house owner with affordable payment opportunities. Through "Housing Finance Together", the customer can buy a house together with a relative or spouse with the condition of a maximum of two partners for investment or residence, while these two customers are provided with housing finance separately in proportion to the title deed share that they demand. Customers can own shares in proportion to the financing and down payment amounts they utilize.

Emlak Katılım secures the real estate purchase and sale transactions of its customers

Emlak Katılım has signed a protocol with the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and implemented the "Title Deed Safe Account" application in order for real estate transfer transactions to be performed smoothly. Through this application that was put into service as a breakthrough, the Bank secures the real estate purchase and sale transactions of its customers.

Another advantage offered by Emlak Katılım to house buyers that stands out is "Financing Not Keeping the New House Waiting" through which one can purchase a new house without waiting for the sale of the old house. With this application, financing of up to 100% of the appraisal value of the house to be purchased can be utilized, and the customers can benefit from the opportunity to sell the existing house between 0-18 months.

Payments of customers are secured through Building Completion Insurance

Emlak Katılım has developed new financing solutions for urban transformation. The Bank can provide apartment owners with financing for up to 120 months in 4 business models: "reinforcement", "on-premise direct transformation (with no precedent value increase)", "on-premise transformation (with a precedent value increase)", and "areal transformation". By means of the progress payment system, potential disputes between the citizens and contractors can be prevented.

Through its new product named "Building Completion Insurance", Emlak Katılım aims to secure the payments made by consumers in prepaid housing or urban transformation projects. In cases where the building contractor fails to fulfill its responsibilities, the insurance will be activated, allowing the building enterprise to complete the housing project or to pay back all payments made until that day to the house purchaser. In this way, Emlak Katılım aims to contribute to the safe and sustainable growth of the building sector by securing the payments of the consumers and preventing the problems that may arise due to the incompletion of the construction.

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