Financing Support To The Agricultural Sector

MAGAZINE 27.01.2023, 13:15
Financing Support To The Agricultural Sector

From past to present, the agricultural sector has been a sector that has managed to take its place among the most important and popular sectors for all civilizations. The increasing consumption together with the rising population throughout the world has made it necessary to professionalize in the agricultural sector. The necessity of producing with maximum efficiency on limited lands and the ability to store the revenue for long periods were the main factors that led to investment in technology. As of 2021, exports of agricultural food products increased to 29.7 billion dollars and constituted 13.2 percent of total exports. The importance of the agricultural sector, which makes a significant contribution to the country's economy and employment, is increasing day by day and continues its growth trend.

Professional perspective and technological developments that increase production in the agricultural sector have led to the need for financial resources. As Emlak Participation, we offer solutions that will support the financing demands of the growing agricultural sector. We provide corporate finance support to our customers operating in the agricultural sector with our recently developed business financing based on producer receipts and our ELÜS (Electronic Warehouse Receipts)-guaranteed business finance products. We also offer producer receipt-based business financing to buyer traders and non-bookholder farmers. With the StateSupported Agricultural Insurance, we provide our farmers with insurance to cover damages and losses that may occur in cultivated agricultural lands due to naturaldisasters and other possible risks. We also support SMEs in financing cold storage and cooling units transported in refrigerated vehicles in order to prevent the loss of fruit and vegetables from the field to the end user.

Emlak Katılım Strategic Planning Manager /Ahmet İkizoğlu

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