Kuveyt Turk Trains Future Managers

Regional Economy 18.05.2021, 16:40
Kuveyt Turk Trains Future Managers

Kuveyt Turk has started to receive applications for management trainee (MT), information technology manager training (TechTalent), and assistant auditor with the vision of digital transformation (D3-Digital Transformation of Audit) programs.

Candidates with a very good command of English who have graduated from universities recently or one year ago can apply to the MT program that aims to train future managers of Kuveyt Turk.

In-class and online training opportunities are offered to employees participating in the MT program.

Employees participating in the program are provided with free master's degree support at certain universities, as well as in-class and online training opportunities that contribute to their career goals. In-house rotation opportunities are also offered to MTs to experience different units and improve themselves. Having launched the MT program in 2007 for the first time, Kuveyt Turk prioritizes those who have participated in the MT program during the appointment of managers.

Talented young individuals of Turkey will be employed in the field of information technologies through the TechTalent program

Owning two R&D centers and continuing to expand its information technologies group by means of its domestic and international projects, Kuveyt Turk plans to employ talented young individuals of Turkey in the field of information technologies and provide a privileged career experience through the TechTalent program. Candidates with a very good command of foreign languages who have graduated recently or only one year before can apply to this program. All of the opportunities provided to employees, who are employed through the MT program, are also offered to those recruited through the TechTalent program. Launched by Kuveyt Turk in 2018, the TechTalent program provides recruitment opportunities as the information technology version of the MT program.

Auditors with the vision of digital transformation

Future audit professionals are trained through the D3 (Digital Transformation of Audit) program of Kuveyt Turk. This program aims to select and train assistant auditor candidates for Kuveyt Turk's Audit Committee's vision of "digital transformation of audit". Through the D3 talent program implemented in this context, employees are provided with several additional rights, unlike traditional assistant auditor recruitment programs. In addition to the opportunity of doing a master's degree through funding by Kuveyt Turk, D3 Academy offers special trainings designed by the leading training companies of the market. The assistant auditors who join the Kuveyt Turk family find the opportunity to continue their development throughout their careers with training, development, and certificate programs specially designed for the program.

Candidates will be able to apply for MT, TechTalent, and D3 programs on Kuveyt Turk's career portal "www.katilbizel.com", until May 21.


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