Entrepreneurship Is Growing In Importance

LEGISLATION 07.04.2022, 15:01
Entrepreneurship Is Growing In Importance

The importance of entrepreneurship in achieving sustainable growth in our country is increasing daily. Increasing national economic welfare and employment, creating a suitable ecosystem, bringing local initiatives to light, and attracting global entrepreneurs are now among the most important conditions for regional competition. In this context, we see that private sector-state cooperation has increased in recent years, and very productive results have been obtained to preserve the entrepreneurship ecosystem's vitality and carry local initiatives to the universal level. In this context, the participation finance sector stands out with the support it gives to the entrepreneurship ecosystem to continue its development with a more dynamic structure and to have a structure that not only uses technology but produces new technologies.

Collaborations where we put our capital and entrepreneurs' efforts and projects, which are quite suitable for the business philosophy of our sector, have positive effects from closing the current account deficit of our country to social development.

I believe that our industry, which has carried out essential activities especially in recent years, within the scope of bringing local products and services to the market as an economic value and exporting them abroad, can reach its targeted share more easily if it continues its efforts in this direction in the future.

Mehmet Bütün

Director of Information Technologies and Digital Banking at Vakıf Katılım

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