Employment In Participation Finance Sector

We are aware that every investment made in the employee contributes to the development of the participation banking sector

MAGAZINE 16.06.2022, 10:47
Employment In Participation Finance Sector

The banking sector is an industry that largely depends on human resources for the sustainability of its activities. On the other hand, our sector is also open to technology- intensive digitalisation, where significant financial assets can be operated with a lower number of employees compared to the real sector, which is essentially labour-saving and overly open to innovations. With the awareness that human resources are our most important treasure, as participation banks, we did not reduce our current employment; even 

while we were going through the pandemic, we stood by our employees under all circumstances. In fact, we contributed to the increase in occupation with new employments as the number of employees in participation banks exceeded 17 thousand in 2021. Compared to 2020, the increase in employment was at the level of 2%. The employment share of our six participation banks from the sector increased to 8.5%. The number of those with undergraduate education is currently 12 thousand 748 in the participation banks where the employment of qualified employees is high. The education levels and professional qualifications of the employees in our sector are of great importance. So much so that the quality of our workforce, which we prefer to call human value, can also significantly affect the operating results of our banks. It is possible to say that there is a strong relationship between the level of workforce skills and savings and the financial performance of banks.


Along with the changing customer needs and expectations due to the pandemic, changes have occurred in banks' business models. During this period, many of the leading institutions in the banking industry found that remote working was suprisingly more effective. Even if a gradual return to work guidelines are followed in some units of the banks, it seems that most of the employees will be able to permanently work remotely. Within this framework, participation banks have kept up with the conditions of the age by adding hybrid and remote working to their working models. Last year, 31% of our employees worked with the hybrid model and about 68% with the working model from the office or branch.


On the other hand, as the Association, we organise many training programs to increase the number of personnel specialised in participation banking while developing their competencies. We are aware that every investment made in the employee contributes to the development of the participation banking sector. With this awareness, as participation banks, we organised 1,100 training programs between 2002 and 2020, and more than 21 thousand of our employees participated in them. With our in-depth and high-quality certification and training programs, I can gladly say that we have made significant strides in strengthening the knowledge infrastructure of our employees and encouraging specialisation.

Acting Secretary General of TKBB - İsmail Vural

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