Participation Banking And Career Opportunities

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Participation Banking And Career Opportunities

Although 38 years have passed since Participation Banking started its activities in Turkey in 1984, the issue of public's support for the sector has been raised due to the low share of participation banking and the low number of actors in the banking sector, the lack of regulations specific to participation banking to meet the needs, the low number of products and the low level of awareness of our citizens.

For this purpose, we opened Ziraat Participation Bank on 29 May 2015, the 562nd Anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul, and established the first Participation Bank with public capital in our country. As of today, we continue to serve our citizens, with our 129 branches operating in 53 cities in Turkey.

With the entry of other state-owned participation banks into the sector, competition increased along with the state's contribution to the interest-free finance sector. With the effect of this support, significant developments have been seen in the interest-free finance sector in terms of financial resources and employment.

As Ziraat Participation, we concatenate great importance to the employment of young and new graduates. In this direction, we have recruited more than 30% of our current colleagues through our recruitment exams. We aim to raise this rate with our recruitment exam held in 2022.

64% of our current managers consist of colleagues who have made their development and ascent in their banking career within our Bank. We take pride in raising future managers from within the company, by adopting the fundamental principle of our Bank, to offer our colleagues rights and opportunities based on performance and competence.

We plan to continue our contribution to the increase in the share of youth employment in the sector with our high growth rate in the coming years.

Head of Strategy Planning and Human Resources Group at Ziraat Katılım- Arif Baştuğ

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