Participation Banks have Advanced Financing Opportunities

MAGAZINE 23.09.2021, 16:58
Participation Banks have Advanced Financing Opportunities

Many sectors in our country have a competitive advantage in production and export. In the global supply changes during the pandemic, Turkey has proven to be among the crucial manufacturers in many sectors. Product and sector diversity in industrial production stands out with its flexible and fast production structure.

The availability of advanced export financing opportunities also contributes significantly to the increase in our country's export volume. Participation banks offer a wide range of products within the scope of interest-free banking principles to meet the financing demands of their customers in the field of financing international trade. As Ziraat Participation Bank, within the scope of foreign trade financing, we started to offer a new product to our customers in August, called "Deferred Export Financing". In addition to financing, it increases its volume in foreign trade transactions every year with its vast correspondent network.

Ziraat Participation, aiming to provide better service to its customers operating in the field of foreign trade, continues to increase its support to exporting customers as well as improving its products and processes. Thus, it focuses on transactions that will contribute positively to our country's current and foreign trade balance, as well as foreign exchange earning activities.

Ziraat Participation started its foreign activities in Khartoum as the first overseas branch in Sudan in 2020. Our Khartoum Branch is also the first Turkish Bank opened in the African continent. We wish to increase our effectiveness in international banking with our newly opened branches abroad, contribute to the development of commercial and economic relations between these countries and Turkey, and continuously increase our share of foreign trade volume. Developing foreign trade between countries and supporting our exporting companies are among our strategies.

Mustafa Kürşad Çetin

Head of Ziraat Katılım Marketing Management Group 

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