World-Class Sustainable Digital Experiences

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World-Class Sustainable Digital Experiences

Customer practices are changing swiftly as a result of the pandemic. This is sensed more intense in the digital world. The word new gets old very quickly. In fact, we often come across products that wear out while unpacking. To respond quickly to this change and the needs of the age, strong technical infrastructure, R&D, and innovation are gaining importance daily. Faster and safer digital solutions are replacing traditional transaction methods.

As Ziraat Participation, we aim to provide world-class sustainable digital experiences that can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the participation finance system. Our strategies are to construct new digital products, services, and channels in line with customer requirements and bank expectations and realise profitable and efficient new technology integrations. In this context, we have implemented our short, medium and long term plans for digital transformation, primarily for our individual, retail and SME segment customers.

To increase our efficacy in our digital channels, we carry out advanced analytical studies, product and payment applications, and external service integrations step by step. We will cooperate with financial technology companies and increase our banking services' platforms with our open banking business model. Our digital goals are to integrate with systems that allow our customers to access all their accounts and financial data from a single interface. As a step in this direction, we enable anyone who wants to be our customer to open an account via video call using biometric verification methods with the remote customer acquisition project.

In the upcoming period, we will ensure that our customers receive many services from end to end via Participation Mobile without going to our branches.

Ziraat Katılım, Head of Marketing Management Group - Mustafa Kürşad Çetin

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