A Breakthrough by KT Portföy in Participation Finance Sector

Regional Economy 26.03.2021, 19:27
A Breakthrough by KT Portföy in Participation Finance Sector

The subsidiary of Turkey's leading participation finance institution Kuveyt Türk, KT Portföy Management has made a breakthrough in the participation finance sector. The Short-Term Lease Certificates Participation Fund KTV transactions that can be bought and sold with same day value can now be realized 24/7 within certain limits. Investors can make use of their savings with the lease certificate funds of KT Portföy without an interest limit.

Offered by KT Portföy Management as a subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, which effectively brings its distinguished financial products and services together with savers and investors, the Short-Term Lease Certificates Participation Fund (KTV Fund) can now be traded 24/7 within certain limits. With this new application used for the first time in the field of participation finance, Kuveyt Türk customers can make unlimited purchases and sales at the KTV Fund between 09:00 to 12:30 on business days, and with a limit of TRY 350,000 between 12:30 to 17:00. And after 17:00, unlimited purchase orders can be placed for the next business day, and funds can be sold up to TRY 5,000. KT Portföy aims to increase the limits in accordance with the market conditions.

Unlimited purchase order

For KTV, unlimited purchase orders can also be placed on public holidays and weekends to be realized the next business day. With this new application, it is also possible to sell funds up to TRY 5,000 at the rate of the cash withdrawal limit from the ATM. The Investment Fund also offers its customers a 0% withholding advantage for their investments until March 31, 2021. The Short-Term Lease Certificates Participation Fund KTV that can be purchased and sold with same day value offers investors the opportunity to invest with 1-day or more maturity and manage their cash flows regardless of maturity. As of March, the expected annual return of the fund's current portfolio in 2021 is expected to be in the range of 15% - 17%. This rate may vary in accordance with the market conditions.

The focus is on participation fund management

Having a total portfolio size of TRY 3.6 billion with 3 pension funds, 10 investment funds, 2 private funds, 1 venture capital investment fund, and individual portfolio management accounts as of March 2021, KT Portföy manages mutual funds, as well as pension funds and venture capital investment funds. Since the company focuses only on interest-free participation fund management, KT Porföy offers investment alternatives in line with the sensitivity of customers and the opportunity to invest in interest-free capital market instruments for both individual and corporate customers particularly with the support of Kuveyt Türk being an active participant in interest-free portfolio management, where short-term investment options are limited, and continues its efforts to increase product range in this field.

Global Lease Certificates Fund

Providing services especially to corporate customers, who want to make transactions with large amounts, by establishing the Short-Term Participation Hedge Fund for the first time in the sector, KT Portföy offers an alternative for qualified investors to invest in foreign currency with the Global Lease Certificates Fund, which is one of the first in the sector. KT Portföy also received CMB approval for the Participation Money Market Fund, another breakthrough in the sector, and the company aims to offer its investors safe investment opportunities, especially during periods of fluctuating market conditions. Also including the traditional investment tool, Gold Fund, within the funds under its management, KT Portföy is increasing the support of participation finance to the venture ecosystem day by day together with Teknogirişim GSYF and Lonca GSYF.

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