National Technology Move from Ziraat Katılım

Regional Economy 27.04.2021, 17:20
National Technology Move from Ziraat Katılım

Ziraat Katılım stated that they have completed the transition to an open-source operating system within the scope of the strategy of "Nationalization in Technology". 

Mehmet Said Gül, Assistant General Manager of Information Systems and Operational Transactions at Ziraat Katılım, said, "Our studies of migration to open-source software (operating system, office, and other applications) on client computers have been completed in all of our branches. With this study, we aim to realize performance increase in client computers, decrease in hardware costs, and elimination of license costs of operating system software very soon".

"Significant savings in license costs have been achieved by replacement with open-source technology equivalents"

Describing the projects that they have carried out within the scope of digitalization, Mehmet Said Gül indicated that the transformation of operating systems and office applications within the scope of migration to open-source software is an important stage. Mehmet Said Gül said, "The platform for 24x7 monitoring of the accessibility of the services offered to the customers was replaced with open-source technology equivalents instead of imported software solutions such as corporate portal applications, secure file sharing, and virtual server management application, resulting in significant savings in license costs. Furthermore, open-source video conferencing system was realized, internal/external file transfer was enabled with the storage product that is an open-source file-sharing system, and open-source asset inventory and configuration management processes and systems were realized as well".

"Security vulnerabilities are detected quickly"

Expressing that an important advantage has been gained in terms of dependency and security with the transition to open-source platforms, Mehmet Said Gül said, "There are significant opportunities in this field compared to licensed software developed by a particular company, as security vulnerabilities can be quickly detected and covered with released updates in the open-source software that are widely used and developed by large software developer communities. In addition to the transformation process of the client computers of our banks, we have raised our information security infrastructure to a higher level by supporting our information security infrastructure with open-source solutions".

"It will serve as a reference for everyone"

Stating that this move of Ziraat Katılım will serve as an important reference for all institutions and organizations in our country, Gül said, "By sharing this important experience, it is aimed to contribute to the reduction of foreign dependency as a country, and to take an important step towards innovative technologies. Through the transition to open-source systems, a substantial gain is expected in terms of security for the country and institutions, while significant savings opportunities will be provided. The opportunity of integration between companies that offer technological solutions in the country and opportunity of development to the fintech companies operating in this field will be ensured".

"The number of customers has increased rapidly in the field of digital banking"

The number of customers with banking channels in Ziraat Katılım has reached 351 thousand as of March 30, 2021, while the rate of customers actively using the channels was around 85%. It was indicated that individual customers mostly performed financial transactions such as transfer transactions, participation account transactions, invoice and tax payments in digital channels.

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