A Holistic View On Career Management Practices

MAGAZINE 16.06.2022, 11:23
A Holistic View On Career Management Practices

The current era clearly reveals that investments in people are highly critical for a sustainable future. For this reason, as Vakıf Participation, we highly value our employees and give importance to supporting all of our family members with personal development and training plans contributing to their career planning. In this context, we approach career management practices with a holistic perspective and implement a versatile career planning system that suits the institution's needs as well as its employees.

We believe that each of our employees whose career journey we benefit from will also contribute to making the participation finance sector as a centre of attraction. Weare satisfied with our successful results and contribution to the sector's development with the programs we have carried out with this awareness.

In the coming period, we will continue to contribute to the career journeys of our employees by establishing data analytics systems in performance and talent managementprocesses and by providing special trainings within this scope. In addition to bringing together industry professionals and our institution, we take steps to introduce new graduate talents to the industry and develop programs to stay focused on equipped young people. As it has been since our establishment, we will continue to carry out extensive works to acquire and develop qualified human resources.

Deputy General Manager Responsible for the Human Resources Business Family of Vakıf Participation Betül Yılmaz

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